Welcome to life at the edge of the galaxy. resources are scarce, people are scrapping by, and life is all but easy.  The adventure begins as we find a one particular group of miscreants the members of the crew of the notably named wayfayer freighter shipfaced.  Our crew includes:

  • The malleably moraled Moose, a man who possess absolutely no discrimination towards the female and female like gender. 
  • The mysteriously melancholy Mandalorian Phobos dreaming of his family while staring to the moons. 
  • The resident researcher who is not only trained in the language of books but also the language of deception!
  • The crazy crapshooting Gunner Shiver who's gambling addiction starts with money and ends with lives. 
  • The slightly sociopathic scotch-soaked surgeon Zuruthra who is as likely to follow the Hippocratic Oath and help the crew as he is to leave them for dead.
  • The compulsive kleptomaniac Lessur who poses both literal and figurative sticky fingers.
  • The perceptive and hand tattooed spirtual Gand Cittaquati.
  • The Glitterstim fueled Gand Blarg Slime.  Lover of machines and expert accountant!
  • The maniac mechanic Ugnaught!

Edge of the Empire

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