Edge of the Empire

The Adventure Begins: The Wilds of Ord Mantell
Lies, Lust, Bounties, and Unnecessary Murder

Our adventure begins as our group of knaves lands on Ord Mantell.  The members of the oddly yet appropriately named vessel shipfaced were on the tail of Thom, whom a 2 million credit bounty had been put out for.  They made their way to a local cantina where they found a Devorian infochant (Information merchant).  He happened to be a friend of Moose, that owed him a favor due to a generous gift from Moose's disturbingly large collection of Wookie Porn.  There they found that Thom had quite the gamut of enemies and vices, including a love of Swoop Bike Racing and he owned his very own Casino.

The crew split up, with Gunner,  Zuruthra,  Lessur, Phobos, Cittaquati, and the Ugnaght going to check out the Swoop Bike track while Blarg, Moose, and the Chiss went to check out the Casino.  The crew looking at Swoop Bikes ran into a particularly well known Bothan racer.  They discovered who was being bet on by Thom and sabotaged his bike.

Meanwhile the other three adventurers spent some time perusing Thom's casino.  They worked their way up the floors to higher bids and fancier tables!  They came to a restricted area and were let in by some smooth talking done by the Chiss.  However Moose had another idea and chatted up a much older women to help him get in.  Once upstairs Blarg took a risk, using a fake credit chip.  He subsequently cheated and made 12…. 10,000 credits in a game of sabbac.  Moose was accosted by the older women and left for her home.   The Scholar used her wile and wits in order to get close to  Thom.  She was subsequently swept away to his private viewing room for the coming Swoop Bike races.  

The group who did not go gambling met Blarg at the illegal Swoop Bike race.  Seeing the large pot being bet for the Swoop Bike race the crew did what it enjoys most, uneccessary murder.  They sabotaged some of the bikes in the competion then bet a large sum of money on the race for the Bothan they encountered earlier.  The race began with some quick and crazy turn, almost immediately resulting in the death of two of the members.  Excited by their sensless slaughter they sought to contact the Chiss and find out what was going on.  She used her flirtatious manner to calm the incredibly angry Thom, convincing him to take her back to a hotel room not far away.  While Moose was not their phssically, he was there in spirit, as he was considering copulating with his cougar.

The group rushed to beat Thom to the hotel.  Once there they prepared for the arrival of Thom.   They quickly dispatched of some of the small thugs, then using the handy ever-present Chandelier technology they pinned Thom to the ground.  Moose arrived on the scene as  the group contemplated their fire power, realizing they need more guns.

Will our heroes get their bounty back in one piece?  

Will they make it to the ship?  Who else wants this bounty?  

Will Moose use the piece at his side and not the one in his pants?

 Will Blarg finally find the machine of his dreams?  

Can the Ugnaught use words?  

Find out next time!


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